The Ultimate
ChatGPT + Notion Integration

Stop Switching Apps and Manual Typing.
Introducing a seamless way to sync, manage, and autocomplete your prompts from Notion directly into ChatGPT.

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Promption in Action

The Future of ChatGPT & Notion Workflow

  • Sync EffortlesslySay goodbye to manual updates. Once you connect your Notion databases with Promption, your prompts from Notion become instantly accessible in ChatGPT.
  • Instant Access with Chrome ExtensionAfter installing our Chrome extension, just type '/' in ChatGPT. A dialog will appear, offering autocomplete suggestions from your Notion prompts. You can also search within this dialog for specific prompts.
  • Collaborate BetterShare, design, and adjust prompts with your team, all within Notion.
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Getting Started

Link to Notion:

Connect your Notion account and select your databases.

Stay Updated:

With automatic syncing, your prompts are always current and ready.

Chrome Extension:

Install our Chrome extension to supercharge your ChatGPT sessions and access your Notion prompts seamlessly.

Prompt Magic:

Experience the magic with '/' in ChatGPT, bringing up an autocomplete dialog for your Notion prompts.

Dive into Promption

Experience the ultimate ChatGPT-Notion sync and elevate your workflow in a click.


What sets Promption apart?

Promption is the first tool specifically designed for a seamless integration between ChatGPT and Notion. With its intuitive interface, real-time syncing, and collaborative features, it bridges the gap between communication and organization, enhancing productivity like never before.

How safe is my data with Promption?

Your data's safety is a top priority. I've implemented top-notch encryption to ensure everything stays secure. Trust is crucial, and I treat your data with utmost respect. If you ever have concerns, don't hesitate to reach out!

Is Promption a paid service?:

As of now, Promption is completely free to use. I'm still evaluating my monetization strategies, but I'll ensure to communicate any changes transparently to you.

What data does Promption access from my Notion and ChatGPT accounts?

Promption only accesses the specific Notion database you connect for the purpose of syncing prompts. I respect user privacy and do not access any other data.

How can users reach out for support?:

About the Creator

Meet Stefan, the brain behind Promption. With a rich background in software development and a passion for optimizing workflows, Stefan recognized the potential of bridging the gap between ChatGPT and Notion. Having been a dedicated user of both platforms, he combined his expertise and vision to create His goal? To empower users like you to work smarter, not harder.